This intensive therapeutic workshop addresses life experiences which have negatively impacted self esteem, coping skills, boundary and intimacy.

Stop Reacting and Start Living.  STOP THE CHAOS NOW!

During this 3  1/2 day intensive workshop, participants explore the origins of adult dysfunctional behaviors in relation to self and others.  This work is based upon the work of Pia Mellody, LPC, RN  from The Meadows and Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Participants learn to manage emotions and behaviors that negatively impact them and others in the present.

During the workshop, you  will learn and address:

  • Techniques to self soothe and increase feelings of personal safety and well being. Increase your coping skills!
  • How early imprints continue to impact you in relationships today and heal the wounds you have been covering.
  • Your own negative messages around  value and worth. Understand how these messages hi-jack your life.  Lean to keep yourself from being reactive.
  • Functional boundary systems which will help you decrease the chaos in your life and have intimacy in relationships.

Workshop is limited to 4 participants

Registration Includes:

Meditation and Relaxation Recording

Trauma Recovery Workbook

Light Breakfast and Lunch daily


Choose from one of the upcoming dates:

Tuesday,  Dec. 12 – Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

Thursday, Jan 25 – Sunday, Jan 28  –  2018

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018- Saturday , March 3,  2018

Registration Fee: $1700.00 per person

($200.00 deposit to reserve, Full payment due 5 days prior to workshop)

Contact Tricia directly to register or obtain more information.  pathtohealing1@gmail.com  or 561-886-7865.