The Path To Healing  Workshops and Intensives

‘The Path to Healing has given me the insight I needed so badly to start forgiving myself .  I identified my core issues and shed my protective exterior and share who I really am.” – C.S.  April 2016

“The Path to Healing has helped me considerably.  It is much easier to express my emotions & express myself.  I can accept myself without ridicule or beating myself up.” – B.L. April 2016

“I learned I am worth it, I can be seen and known.  I can take care of myself before other people. I feel lighter….The puzzle pieces of my life fit together.”  D.N.  January 2016

“The Path provided enormous insight into a significant portion of my internal triggers for substance abuse because the deep seated nature of these triggers.  It was extremely effective with the help of the facilitators.  I truly believe I have been given the foundation to be able to continue working on myself.”.     –  H.A. June 2015

I don’t know how to show my gratitude for this amazing program.  It has brought great change to my life.  I have learned to use the tools demonstrated to me that have taught me to have a healthy relationships.” – V.K. November 2015

“I learned the childhood trauma I experienced was not my fault.  I have learned that I am worth more.  You will leave this program a better thinker and a better husband. “ – Terry May 2015

“The Path helped me to deal with so much shame and guilt I have carried around since childhood!  Not just shedding the burden but practical life applications on how to deal with my feelings and let go of my negative emotions about the past seemed effortless but something I could not have done on my own.” – L.N. August 2015

“Being a part of The Path has helped me make sense of my life and come to a place of forgiveness with my parents.  I was never responsible for their bad choices but I am responsible for my reactions.  I no longer have to over-react to situations in my life because of the traumas of my past”.  K M. April 2014