How an individual behaves when no one is looking is a measure of a person’s integrity.  Our moral compass tells us what is acceptable behavior for us.  Sometimes it is tempting to see “What can I get away with when no one is looking?”  Often the answer to that question is “I can get away with doing this and no one will know.” It is always helpful to ask yourself “AT WHAT COST?”  “What will the choice cost me or another person.”  People who live in a state of joy often are mindful of the impact of their choices.  Content, Joyful people’s mindset is “What can I contribute to this community, event, relationship etc.”  rather than “What can I get out of this community, event, relationship?”

To increase your joy find ways to contribute to others anonymously.  Share a smile, take in your neighbors trash cans, donate some time, buy someone a concert ticket who could not afford one.  Make one small or large contribution today.  It will increase your joy.