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Recovery and Empowerment Groups

12-week group designed to help participants:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase self confidence
  • Stop living in reaction to others
  • Increase connection to others and self
  • Stop People Pleasing which contributes to resentments
  • Reduce the Charge in triggers which lead to emotional discomfort

Put the Pieces of the Puzzle of You together and build a great life!       


  • How early imprints continue to impact relationships today.
  • Where negative internalized messages around value and worth originated.
  • Relationship patterns of Love Addiction and Love Avoidance, how it started and how to change it.
  • Functional boundary systems which enable us to be intimate in relationships.
  • Techniques to self soothe and increase feelings of personal well-being and reduce triggers.
  • How to release the shame which contributes to chronic feelings of emptiness, anxiety, depression, agitation.

Choose between Evening or Daytime group:

Monday             5:45pm- 7:30pm                    Resuming  –  January 2018

Tuesday           10:00am – 12:00pm             January 2018

Includes:                           Light snack,  Workbook

Fee:                                     $50 per session, Must Commit to full series of 12 sessions.

$50 discount if paid in full prior to first session.


Our Joy is Directly Tied To Our Integrity

How an individual behaves when no one is looking is a measure of a person’s integrity.  Our moral compass tells us what is acceptable behavior for us.  Sometimes it is tempting to see “What can I get away with when no one is looking?”  Often the answer to that question is “I can get away with doing this and no one will know.” It is always helpful to ask yourself “AT WHAT COST?”  “What will the choice cost me or another person.”  People who live in a state of joy often are mindful of the impact of their choices.  Content, Joyful people’s mindset is “What can I contribute to this community, event, relationship etc.”  rather than “What can I get out of this community, event, relationship?”

To increase your joy find ways to contribute to others anonymously.  Share a smile, take in your neighbors trash cans, donate some time, buy someone a concert ticket who could not afford one.  Make one small or large contribution today.  It will increase your joy.

Hello world!

The Magic of Coffee Beans!  Jack was right!  They are powerful!

Smelling coffee beans can unplug a flashback or emotional flooding.  Really?   Not Kidding.!  Coffee is a neutralizing aroma and our olfactory (smell) system is very close to where memories are stored in our brains.  When we take a whiff of coffee it disconnects the memory and helps you feel less anxious or overwhelmed.

So if you get flashbacks or are easily emotionally flooded carry a little satchel or baggie filled with coffee beans and take a whiff when you get triggered.


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